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Portrait of Christiaan Beek

Christiaan Beek


Lead Scientist & Sr. Principal Engineer

Christiaan Beek is Lead Scientist & Sr. Principal Engineer for Trellix Threat Labs where he leads strategic threat intelligence research with a focus on inventing new technology, research techniques, data correlation and machine learning models. Visionary and servant leadership is at the core of his day-to-day job, and he’s laser-focused on getting the best out of people to drive collaboration to make the (cyber) world safer and a better place.

In previous roles, Beek was Global Director of Threat Intelligence in McAfee Labs and Global Director of Incident Response and Forensics at Foundstone, McAfee’s forensic services arm. At Foundstone, he led a team of forensic specialists in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa during major breaches.

Beek develops threat intelligence strategy, and designs and envisions threat intelligence systems and new research techniques. He speaks regularly at conferences, including BlackHat, RSA, BlueHat and has been interviewed frequently for on international news outlets as a subject matter expert. Besides contributing to the best-selling security book "Hacking Exposed," he wrote a comic book about Ransomware, is a contributor to the MITRE ATT&CK framework and holds multiple patents. He is also active in the start-up community and through board advisory roles.


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