Trellix Private Global Threat Intelligence

Private GTI delivers timely threat reputation across the enterprise to Trellix products.


  • Reduce costs and maximize coverage
    Trellix Private GTI can provide reduced IT costs by providing a single source for reputational services without manual intervention. We’re also able to deploy faster than traditional distribution for connected products.
  • Scalability and performance
    Our Private GTI offering is based on the Trellix global point-of-presence (PoP) technology that serves billions of queries a day. The architecture provides organizations with scalability for enterprise demands. Trellix Private GTI can protect and service heavy or unpredictable traffic with solid and proven performance capability.
  • Custom Reputations
    When you need enhanced security and ultimate control for business-critical applications and data, incorporate the Trellix Private GTI. Private GTI lets you add your own reputations, so you can tailor coverage and provide additional protections for known signatures.


Supports Private Networks

  • Trellix File/IP/URL reputations are now available within private or air-gapped environments.

Telemetry Data

  • Complete access to your Private GTI query logs for advanced analytics to discover advanced threats.

Custom Reputations

  • Private GTI can store up to 10 million of your reputations that supersede Public GTI reputations.

Analyst Research

  • Analysts have access to billions of File/IP/URL reputations through a web-based and command-line interface.

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