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Go Jump in the Lake: Trellix Leverages Amazon Security Lake for its Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Today, Trellix is collaborating with AWS to make it easier for customers to store and analyze their event data by integrating Amazon Security Lake, a data lake for a customer’s entire security telemetry), into Trellix Helix.

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The Importance of Asking the Right Question

Trellix shows you how to properly use AI within your company to save you time and be efficient

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Industrial and Manufacturing CVEs: Addressing the SCADA in the Room

The industrial and manufacturing spaces are critical to the global economy. They produce the goods and services we rely on every day, from food and clothing to cars and electronics. Disruptions to this space can have far-reaching effects as proven by recent COVID effects on the supply chain. Much like other sectors, they are targeted by cybercriminals for monetary or destructive purposes. In order to understand what risks are unique to industry and manufacturing, the Trellix team curated 120 different publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) or ICS space.

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China-Taiwan Tensions Spark Surge in Cyberattacks on Taiwan

The rise in tensions between Taiwan and China has led to a worrying increase in cyberattacks towards Taiwan.

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Working Together to Invest in People: How the Private and Public Sectors Can Ensure Successful Implementation of the National Cyber Workforce Strategy

I was honored to participate in a recent RSAC cyber skills panel discussing how the public, private, and non-profit sectors can work together to support the successful implementation of the National Cyber Workforce Strategy. Our panel discussed current and future commitments and investments in cyber security skills and steps our nation needs to take to close the cyber security skills gap. Here are the takeaways.

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