Trellix Introduction Video

Trellix Introduction

A living security platform with a pulse that is always learning and always adapting.

XDR Solution Brief

XDR Solution Brief

Learn how an XDR ecosystem that’s always adapting can energize your enterprise.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

Gartner MQ (Endpoint)

Download the Magic Quadrant report, which evaluates the 19 vendors based on ability to execute and completeness of vision.

Gartner Marketplace Guide (XDR)

Gartner® Report: Market Guide for XDR

As per Gartner, "XDR is an emerging technology that can offer improved threat prevention, detection and response."

Prime Minister’s Office Compromised

Prime Minister’s Office Compromised

Multi-stage cyberespionage campaign targeting high-ranking government officials overseeing national security policy and defense industry.

January 2022 - Threat Report

Trellix Threat Report: January 2022

Our new company’s first threat report features research on Log4j, prevalent ransomware, APT tools, ATR malware data, targeted clients, customer sectors, and MITRE ATT&CK techniques.

McAfee Enterprise and FireEye emerge as Trellix

McAfee Enterprise and FireEye emerge as Trellix

Two trusted leaders in cybersecurity have come together to create a resilient digital world.

Trellix CEO

Our CEO on living security

Trellix CEO, Bryan Palma, explains the critical need for security that’s always learning.

Advanced Correlation Engine

Detect threats based on what you value.

Find threats that defy rules-based detection

Real-time and Historical Threat Detection

Get zero-day threat detection. Analyze events for immediate threat and risk detection to determine if your organization was exposed to a specific attack.Get zero-day threat detection. Analyze events for immediate threat and risk detection to determine if your organization was exposed to a specific attack.

Rule-based Event Correlation

Correlate all logs, events, and network flows together—along with contextual information such as identity, roles, vulnerabilities, and more—to detect patterns indicative of a larger threat.

Risk Score Correlation

In rule-less correlation systems, detection signatures are replaced with a simple, one-time configuration, providing real-time threat detection.

Real-time Tracking and Alerting

Receive notifications if specific users, groups, applications, servers, or subnets are threatened.

Performance Where You Need It

Get the processing power required to support rich event correlation across your entire enterprise.

Simplified Deployment

Streamline event correlation and startup. Trellix Advanced Correlation Engine does not require rule updates or signature tuning.

Product Features

Historical Threat Analysis

Use audit trails and historical replays to support forensics, compliance, and rule tuning. Keep a complete audit trail of risk scores to analyze threat conditions over time.

No Performance Impact

Because Trellix Advanced Correlation Engine is a self-contained appliance or virtual offering, there’s absolutely no performance impact on Trellix Enterprise Security Manager.

Deployment Options

Trellix Advanced Correlation Engine is available in both appliance and virtual deployments.

Product Support

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