Trellix Cloud Workload Security

Secure all your hybrid cloud infrastructure workloads.

What can you expect from Trellix Cloud Workload Security?

  • Simplified management
    A single pane view helps consolidate management across physical, virtual, and hybrid-cloud environments.
  • Broad-based solution
    Benefit from secure workloads all the way from on-prem to cloud, across the board.
  • Advance defenses
    Automates the defense of elastic workloads to eliminate blind spots and deliver advanced threat defense.

Product Features

Optimized for Virtual Workloads

Leverage advanced host-based workload defense optimized specifically for virtual instances to avoid straining overall infrastructure.

Multilayer Protection

Avail virtual machine-optimized threat defenses that helps deliver multilayer countermeasures.

Cloud-native build support

Better insight and control of your cloud workloads with management of multiple public and private clouds* from a single management console.

Network visualization

Gain awareness and protect your virtualized environment and network from external malicious sources.

Adaptive threat protection

Comprehensive countermeasures, including machine learning, application containment, virtual machine-optimized anti-malware, whitelisting, file integrity monitoring, and micro-segmentation, to protect your workloads.

Automate workload security

Helps assign and manage all workloads automatically with the ability to import AWS and Microsoft Azure tag information into Trellix ePO.

Trellix Platform Ecosystem Graph

Get to know the Trellix Ecosystem

The Trellix Platform learns and adapts for living protection while delivering native and open connections and providing expert and embedded support for your team.

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