Trellix Extended Enterprise Security

Detect malicious files shared on enterprise applications – using a single solution.

Market Forces Driving Change

Extended Enterprise

Business agility and innovation require third-party relationships to extend enterprise capabilities

Digital Transformation

Digitally-enabled partner ecosystem creates significant risk exposure

Application Insecurity

Vendors secure their platform but don’t worry that they provide an open door to your environment

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  • A single solution for all enterprise applications
    Reduce cost and increase detection efficacy using a consistent, proven detection solution across a broad range of enterprise applications, built or bought. Robust APIs enable continuous inspection with no infrastructure changes, ensuring quick time to value.
  • Transparent to end users
    Secure enterprise applications without friction. Trellix continuously—and unobtrusively—inspects shared files and URLs using the same proven detection and detonation engines trusted by our 40,000 enterprise customers.
  • Minimal impact on SOC workloads
    High-fidelity verdicts support a broad range of responses to stop threats upon entry. Alerts contain rich contextual insight so analysts can trust and immediate act on the information contained within the alert.


Comprehensive threat detection

A single, consistent platform for detection across all collaborations and files shares, to support your digital transformation.

Ease of deployment

Dozens of out-of-the-box integrations with minimal configuration requirements.

SOC friendly

Alerts only generated when a malicious file is detected, reducing the impact on the SOC. Detailed logging of threat activities to guide SOC follow-up.

Seamless integration with workflows

Verdicts in seconds, so users aren’t slowed down.

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