Trellix Global Threat Intelligence

Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) is a comprehensive, real-time, cloud-based reputation service, fully integrated into Trellix products.


  • Comprehensive Protection
    Protects organizations and their users from both known and emerging cyberthreats, regardless of the source of those threats or where they propagate.
  • Shared Threat Intelligence
    Arms your security infrastructure with shared threat intelligence, enabling security products to act in concert, based on the same robust, real-time information.
  • Reduces Cost and Downtime
    Closes the threat window with instantaneous, and often predictive, reputation-based threat intelligence, reducing the probability of attack and cost of remediation and lost downtime.


Correlated Threat Data

  • Threat data is collected from billions of Trellix product sensor queries around the globe and correlated to produce our threat intelligence.

Variety of Reputations

  • Trellix products that are integrated with Trellix Global Threat Intelligence can leverage file reputation, file certificate reputation, web reputation, web categorization, IP reputation, and network connection reputation.

Globally Available

  • Trellix products query GTI in the cloud, and GTI renders the latest reputation or categorization intelligence to the products so that they can take action.

Air-Gapped Network Support

  • Air-gapped and private networks can benefit from the same Global Threat Intelligence available in the cloud with Private GTI.

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