Trellix Network Forensics

Minimize the impact of network attacks with high-performance packet capture and investigation analysis.


  • Conduct Effective Threat Investigations
    Detect a broad range of security incidents, improve your response quality, and precisely quantify the impact of each incident.
  • Reconstruct the Cyber Attack Kill Chain
    Reveal hidden threats and accelerate incident response by reviewing specific network packets and sessions before, during, and after an attack.
  • Reduce the Mean Time to Detect and Respond
    Accelerate the network forensics process with a single workbench that simplifies investigations and remediates attacks.


Capture Vital Data To Detect Breaches Faster

Capture and index network packets with time stamping and connection attributes at recording speeds up to 20 Gbps.

Aggregate IOC Data from Multiple Tools

Consolidate alerts from other Trellix and third-party products along with all network metadata in a single workbench with immediate “one click” pivot to session data.

Centralize Visibility of Threat Data

View and share specific network metadata and activity through easy-to-create custom dashboards and search web, email, FTP, DNS, chat, SSL connection details, and file attachments.

Execute Threat Hunting Tactics

Hunt for anomalies or malicious, suspicious, or risky activities that may have evaded detection by your existing tools.

Get Results Fast

Search and retrieve target connections and packets quickly and conduct centralized application-level keyword, regex, and wildcard queries across all alerts, captured flow, and metadata.

Support Evolving Architectures

Scale deployments across premises, hybrid and cloud environments to meet distributed and large enterprise requirements.

Trellix Network Security

Protect your network, servers, and data centers with a living, learning ecosystem.

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