Trellix Application and Change Control

Ensure that only trusted applications run on devices, servers, and desktops.


  • Reduce risk from unauthorized applications
    Advanced persistent threats (APTs) to control points, servers, and fixed devices via remote attack or social engineering make it increasingly difficult to protect your business. Trellix Application Control helps you outsmart cybercriminals and keeps your business secure and productive.
    • Local and global reputation intelligence
    • Real-time behavioral analytics
    • Auto-immunization of endpoints
  • Implement the Right Security Posture
    As users demand more flexibility to use applications in their social and cloud-enabled business world, Trellix Application Control gives organizations options to maximize their whitelisting strategy for threat prevention.
  • Help Users Become Part of the Solution
    For unknown applications, Trellix Application Control provides IT with multiple ways to enable users to install new applications: User Notifications and user self-approvals.


Intelligent Whitelisting

Prevents zero-day and APT attacks by blocking execution of unauthorized applications.

Powerful, Built-In Suggestions

Use inventory search and pre-defined reports to quickly find and fix vulnerabilities, compliance, and security issues in your environment.

Complete and Fast Response

Enhanced with global threat intelligence from Trellix Global Threat Intelligence (Trellix GTI), an exclusive technology using millions of sensors worldwide to track the reputation of files, messages, and senders in real time.

Advanced Execution Control

Trellix Application Control lets you combine rules based on file name, process name, parent process name, command line parameters, and username for enhanced protection.

Watch and Learn in Observation Mode

Discover policies for dynamic desktop environments without enforcing a whitelisting lockdown.

Trellix Cloud Security

Unlock unparalleled protection and productivity across your organization.

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