Trellix Insights

Get ahead of the adversary with the first proactive security solution of its kind.

Get Ahead of Your Adversary​

Get Ahead of Your Adversary

Go beyond reactive XDR approaches by adding management of the complete attack lifecycle - before and after an attack. Be proactive and prevent advanced threats. Powered by the latest global threat intelligence from Trellix Insights.


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Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Predict threats likely to hit your organization based on one billion sensors globally and machine team analysis from the Advanced Threat Research team Increase your readiness and preparedness and remove the arduous effort to determine key threats to your organization
Prioritize threats based on an assessment of your security gaps, know how your security will perform and how you stack up against your peers Focus your efforts on what matters
Preemptively act with prescribed countermeasures based on your security assessment and where on the attack lifecycle you are Avert an attack before or mitigate impact
Trellix Insights

Predictive Assessment

Get an automated assessment of your security posture risks from device to cloud against top threats and campaigns to find exactly where you have potential gaps in your countermeasures.

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