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The Trellix Advanced Research Center brings together an elite team of security professionals and researchers to produce insightful and actionable real-time intelligence to advance customer outcomes and the industry at large.

We deliver these insights and research ahead of the market and advise organizations around the world. The group behind these efforts are widely sought-after experts, supporting investigations, speaking at industry events, and educating influencers across media, academia, analysts, policy makers and the global public sector.

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Midnight Blizzard Attack Detection in Trellix Helix

This article provides an overview of how Trellix Helix provides detection for and supports the investigation of the techniques observed in the Midnight Blizzard attack. Helix achieves this with a combination of rules and analytics (baseline deviation monitoring) that can detect various stages of this type of attack.

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DarkGate again but... Improved?

The Trellix Advanced Research Center has analyzed the different updates regarding DarkGate.


The CyberThreat Report: June 2024

Insights Gleaned from a Global Network of Experts, Sensors, Telemetry, and Intelligence


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