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Any Way You Want It: Introducing Trellix Thrive

In the spirit of the timeless hit "Any Way You Want It" by Journey, we're excited to present a new era of cybersecurity support that's tailored to your needs, your pace, and your success. Just as the song emphasizes the power of choice and flexibility, our latest offering, Trellix Thrive, is designed to put you in control of your cybersecurity journey, ensuring that you can navigate the evolving landscape in exactly the way you need it.

The Call for Change

In the ever-changing world of technology, we've noticed a significant gap between the way products are developed and how services are delivered. With advancements in software and hardware, the question arises: why haven't services evolved at the same pace? Traditional service models often lead to a slow down at critical moments, requiring detailed project scopes and lengthy contract negotiations. This outdated approach leaves businesses unable to adapt swiftly to their changing needs, a crucial capability in today’s dynamic cybersecurity environment.

Thrive with Trellix

Trellix Thrive emerges as a solution to these challenges, embodying a fresh approach to cybersecurity services. It represents a unified portfolio that is simple, transparent, and adaptable—designed with the understanding that your needs can shift dramatically over the life of your technology investments. Trellix Thrive is more than just support; it's a commitment to your ongoing success, ensuring that the right technical resources are available at the right time to keep your operations aligned with your goals.

Any Way You Want It: Empowering Flexibility and Accessibility

Flex Services: At the heart of Trellix Thrive's innovation is our Flex Services, a transformative feature that redefines the consumption of professional services and education. This offering unlocks the entire Trellix service portfolio as a collection of pre-scoped, outcome-oriented services. Flex Services empower our customers to access the specific services they need, exactly when they need them, without the traditional barriers of lengthy scoping, budget discussions, and contract negotiations. This means quicker responses to emerging threats, streamlined operations, and a focus on achieving desired outcomes with efficiency and precision.

Variable Pricing: Understanding that organizations of all sizes need to realize value from their investments, Trellix Thrive introduces variable pricing to ensure our services are accessible to everyone—from smaller customers to multinational enterprises and government bodies. This approach enables a more equitable access to cutting-edge cybersecurity support, ensuring that every organization, regardless of its scale, can benefit from our expertise and resources.

Your Partner in the Dynamic Security Landscape

Just as "Any Way You Want It" delivers a message of empowerment and flexibility, Trellix Thrive is designed to empower your organization to adapt and thrive in the face of cybersecurity challenges. With Trellix by your side, you're not just supported; you're equipped to navigate the complexities of the security landscape with confidence and agility. Let's embark on this journey together, ensuring that your cybersecurity strategy moves at the pace of your needs, any way you want it.

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