Trellix Cloudvisory

A centralized command center for managing multi-cloud environments and workloads.


  • Centralized control
    Centrifugal place, for managing multi-cloud environments – private, public and hybrid.
  • Continuous compliance
    Pro-active compliancy for multi-account, multi-cloud, and multi-operating system environments.
  • All-around protection
    Benefit from cloud-native microservices for asset discovery, policy governance, control over cloud sprawl and infrastructure misconfiguration.

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Why Trellix Cloudvisory?


Terraform API’s

Identify and address vulnerabilities early in the process before vulnerabilities and misconfigurations impact infrastructure

No mis-configurations

Run continual assessments to ensure that processes are secure and do not drift from the original configurations

Asset inventory inspector

Drills down to granular level on a per asset basis and shape them further

Policy inspector

Forensic investigator to help map users and resources access for IAM policies

Compliance check inspector

GDPR, HIPPA, NIST, PCI, S3 Bucket fixes


Cloud-native remediations with customizable workflows/playbooks for business processes.

Take the next step toward living security for the cloud