Threat Intelligence

About the Threat Intelligence Group

The Trellix Advanced Research Center’s Threat Intelligence Group (TIG) empowers Trellix customers, industry partners, and global law enforcement efforts with 24/7 mission-critical insights on the ever-evolving threat landscape. We extensively study threat actors and behaviors and leverage data from our deployed sensors across key threat vectors.The Threat Intelligence Group’s product integrations, custom intelligence solutions, andin-depth research helps the industry, and our partners stay ahead of adversaries,while providing valuable context and information to the public at large.

After the genesis of Trellix and the forming of the Advanced Research Center, the McAfee Enterprise research elements merged with FireEye to form the Threat Intelligence Group (TIG), a more robust threat intelligence and research element combining close decade of threat intelligence and research into one team.

Trellix Threat Intelligence Group

"Semper Vigilat Contra Malum" 
Always Vigilant Against Evil

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