Trellix Data Encryption

Protect enterprise and removable device data.

Safeguard Data and Devices from Unauthorized Access

Trellix Data Encryption products secure devices and removable media to ensure that only authorized users can access the information they contain. Deploy encryption policies through a single management console, while monitoring encryption status and generating compliance reports.

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Why Trellix Data Encryption?

Protect Devices Anywhere

Data on devices and removable media is protected if lost or stolen.

Quickly Demonstrate Compliance

Pre-boot authentication options for multi-user environments and device status reports.

Save Time and Resources

Administer policies from a single console and offer user self-service options.

Flexible Policies

Choose from an extensive catalog of policy options to secure information across devices, files, and removable media - easily managed from a single location.

Centralized Management

Save time and streamline the administration of native operating system encryption settings for Microsoft BitLocker and Apple FileVault within a single console.

User Self-service

Configure user recovery options among other self-service settings to create a seamless user experience and reduce administrative workloads.

Trellix Data Loss Prevention products

Trellix Drive Encryption

Protect data and devices from unauthorized access.

  • Control user and device access through smart card authentication
  • Authenticate multiple users and maintain compliance
  • Use a single management platform integrated with Active Directory

Trellix Native Drive Encryption

Manage Microsoft BitLocker and Apple FileVault.

  • Protect data on devices that are lost or stolen
  • Deploy through a single console available on-premises or via Saas
  • Manage encryption keys and pin features on devices

Trellix File & Removable Media Protection

Enforce encryption and authentication on removable media.

  • Protect files, folders, network shares, and removable media devices
  • Choose from a variety of authentication methods
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS

Frequently asked questions

There are a few reasons that Trellix Drive Encryption (TDE) might be the best fit for an organization. If the organization has a multi-user environment - meaning that different users need to authenticate on the same device. A common use case for this is healthcare systems and manufacturing with shared workstations and laptops. Highly compliant organizations may also want to consider TDE, which offers pre-boot authentication, multifactor authentication, and robust reporting. TDE complies with NIST SP 800-111 and offers a FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module.

Technology environments today are complex. Organizations have devices with a mix of operating systems and it’s becoming more common for users to have a preferred operating system or even bring their own device. Trellix Native Drive Encryption centralizes and simplifies management of both BitLocker and FileVault into a central console that is available on-premises or via SaaS. This saves time and resources for organizations managing multiple operating systems, since reporting and administrative tasks like encryption key and pin management are centralized.

Trellix FRP protects organizations when data is transferred to removable media and file shares. It also helps organizations comply with regulatory expectations that information be restricted to certain users, known as separation of duties. FRP enforces encryption and requires authentication for access to removable media device contents inside and outside the organization’s networks. It also supports encryption of email attachments using a self-extractor. Compatible with both Windows and macOS, FRP offers a variety of authentication methods and settings, including multifactor authentication.

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