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Xtend Partner Program

Our partnership advances your security business with a new approach to security that is fast enough to keep up with dynamic threats and intelligent enough to learn from them. Partnering with Trellix extends your customer relationships by developing trust, applying security expertise, and customizing your security offerings to defend against the biggest cyber threats.

Security Innovation Alliance

Customized, purpose-built innovations.

Provides customers with integrated security solutions that allow them to resolve more threats faster with fewer resources: Customized, purpose-built innovations.

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OEM & Embedded Alliance

Build security directly into your products.

Deliver robust protection, by embedding into Trellix solutions, to serve customers with the unique advantage of purpose-built security directly into your products.

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Security Advisors

Provide security expertise delivered through a sophisticated range of efficient cybersecurity services to ensure customers can rise to any security challenge and become cyber-resilient while mitigating risk.

Marketplace Partners

Deliver emerging, digitally scalable buying motions based on simplicity, flexibility, and minimum time to value.

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Partner with Trellix to deliver best-in-class, optimized security solutions to your customers. Trellix partners have the inside track on trending security issues, technologies, and products.

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