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Your Sixth Sense for Security

Automatically investigate 100% of your alerts

Built on over a decade of AI modeling and 25 years in analytics and machine learning, Trellix Wise XDR capabilities relieve alert fatigue and surface stealthy threats. Automatically escalate with context, and empower every member of your team to hunt for and resolve threats.

Wise leverages 3x more third-party integrations than competing solutions and delivers real-time threat intelligence leveraging 68 billion queries a day from >100 million endpoints.

Did you know ...

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Improvement in analyst efficiency


Reduction in MTTD and MTTR

Why Trellix Wise?

See everything that matters

Automatically investigate all your alerts and prioritize with automated escalations.

Make better, faster decisions

With workflows and analytics trained on more than 1.5 petabytes and decades of data.

Upskill and close talent gaps

Find, investigate, and remediate threats with GenAI prompts in everyday language.

Prove value

Recover 8 hours of SOC work for every 100 alerts and see saved time in dashboards.

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