Trellix Data Loss Prevention

Protects sensitive information across top threat vectors.

Exceptional visibility and comprehensive controls

Trellix Data Loss Prevention (DLP) delivers unprecedented protection for sensitive and proprietary information from the keyboard to the cloud. Get industry-leading discovery and classification, deploy policies across top threat vectors, respond to events in real-time, coach users, and generate reports.

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Trellix Data Security statistics


File formats supported by Trellix Data Loss Prevention


Drives protected worldwide by Trellix Data Encryption


Patch protections delivered by Trellix Database Security

Why Trellix Data Loss Prevention?

Protect Against Insider Risk

Prevent data exfiltration. Coach end users attempting to violate policy.

Quickly Demonstrate Compliance

Out-of-the-box rules and reporting aligned with key regulatory frameworks.

Manage Information Footprint

Find, classify, and protect the data that matters to your organization.

Centralized Monitoring and Event Tracking

Trellix DLP offers a convenient single console to manage deployment, administer policies, monitor events in real-time, and get out-of-the-box reports to ensure compliance.

Instant End User Coaching and Notifications

Stop data exfiltration without impacting operations when you customize notifications for users who attempt to violate data-sharing policies and request justification.

Deploy Policies Across Top Threat Vectors

Choose from out-of-the-box rules or configure your own parameters to find and protect the data that matters to your organization from the keyboard to the cloud.

Trellix Data Loss Prevention products

Trellix Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Complete

Includes Trellix Device Control, available on-premisis and via SaaS

  • Find and classify data on Windows and macOS workstations and servers
  • Coach end-users and request justifications for policy exceptions
  • Get out-of-the-box compliance features, including reporting

Trellix Device Control

Protect Windows and macOS workstations and servers on-premises or via SaaS

  • Prevent unauthorized device installation
  • Deploy policies for content-based monitoring, filtering, and blocking
  • Available as a stand-alone or included in Trellix DLP Endpoint Complete

Trellix Data Loss Prevention Discover

Inventory senstive data across networks, storage and database locations.

  • Find and classify sensitive data across more than 400 file types
  • Capture and retain data to aid forensics and investigations, add on for OCR
  • Support compliance activities and reporting out of the box

Trellix Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor

Visibility for sensitive data shared across networks.

  • Scan, analyze, and detect network data events in real time
  • Collect information to speed investigations , add on for OCR
  • Support compliance activities and reporting out of the box

Trellix Data Loss Prevention Network Prevent

Prevent users from sharing unauthorized information across networks.

  • Integrates policies with email and web gateways to protect sensitive information
  • Captures information to support investigations, forensics, add-on for OCR
  • Support compliance activities and reporting out of the box

Data Sheet
Trellix DLP for Chrome Enterprise

Learn how Trellix DLP extends protection to content in Chrome Enterprise.
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Industry recognition

Trellix is recognized as an industry leader by key analyst firms

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