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Trellix Endpoint Security Top Protection Recognized by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives

Trellix is excited to share that Trellix Endpoint Security was recently recognized by multiple independent testing organizations that validate our ability to deliver on key endpoint security outcomes across protection, low false positives, and low performance impact on endpoints.

Independent tests can provide useful data points when evaluating whether or not a vendor’s claims translate into delivering on critical real world security outcomes: reducing SOC workloads with reliable, accurate protection, minimizing alert fatigue and ensuring that business isn’t disrupted. Detecting and preventing threats with minimal false positives helps security teams improve on key metrics like mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR).

Although many endpoint security vendors frequently make claims about "next-generation" technologies, it is less common for these capabilities to be subjected to independent validation and made public. Because so many organizations of all sizes rely on Trellix Endpoint Security’s multi-layered protection stack to protect against a range of threats, Trellix participates in multiple third-party testing organizations, each with different approaches and methodologies, with results made available to the public.

The results are in. Trellix received the "Best Protection for Corporate Users (Windows)" award from AV-Test, and Trellix was awarded Approved Business Security for Windows and Mac from AV-Comparatives.

The scores behind the awards: Top protection with less noise
While these recognitions on their own are meaningful validation for Trellix Endpoint Security delivering on needed outcomes, it is worth taking a closer look at the results behind these awards:

AV-Test: AV-Test has conducted independent tests for over 15 years and is internationally recognized for conducting tests not influenced by vendors and providing results freely to the public.

“Only products delivering continuously strong protection performance in our labs are allowed to be contenders for an award. The results of our tests clearly show that Trellix Endpoint Security earned the Best Protection Award for Corporate Users. The team from AV-TEST congratulates Trellix on this especially coveted award in the test category of protection," says Maik Morgenstern, CEO of AV-TEST."

  • Trellix achieved consistent 6/6 protection scores throughout 2023 testing cycles in order to be awarded “Best Protection.” Preventing threats before they compromise endpoints is a first step in reducing the number of alerts that security teams must respond to.
  • Trellix also demonstrated that high protection rates do not have to mean higher false positives. Throughout 2023 Trellix scored 6/6 for “Usability,” AV-Test’s test for false positives. The outcome for security teams is less noise that takes security teams’ focus away from the alerts that matter.

AV-Comparatives: AV-Comparatives is another internationally recognized testing organization that uses systematic testing and real world scenarios to independently validate claims made by vendors. They also provide the results of their tests freely to the public. To be awarded “Approved Business Security” in 2023, Trellix:

“. . . demonstrated a high level of protection against both Internet-based threats and malicious files from sources such as external drives or the local area network. It also had to prove that it could provide this protection without impacting device performance or creating false alarms.”

  • Trellix achieved very high levels of protection against malware throughout 2023 with 99.7% detection in the 2023 August-November Business Test.
  • Trellix also demonstrated consistently “very low” false positives across test cycles during 2023. Again, the importance of delivering exceptional protection without generating needless alerts through false positives is a critical outcome that translates into improved MTTD and MTTR metrics for security teams.
  AV-Test AV-Comparatives
2023 Award Protection / Performance / Usability
(max 6)
2023 Business Security Approved Award False Positives Malware Protection Rate Impact Score
Trellix Best Protection Corporate Users Windows 6/6/6 Business Security Very Low 99.7% 14.8
CrowdStrike - - Business Security Medium/
99.6% 20.9
Microsoft - 6/6/6 Business Security Very Low 99.5% 18.5
SentinelOne - - - - - -
Trend Micro - 5.5/6/5.5 - - - -
Palo Alto Networks - - - - - -
Figure 1: Summary of Trellix Endpoint Security for Windows results in latest tests

Delivering on key outcomes for users and security teams
Consistently strong malware protection, minimal false positives, and low impact on endpoints are outcomes endpoint security needs to deliver on to help ensure endpoints are protected from attackers without increasing SOC workloads and alert fatigue. Trellix Endpoint Security delivers on these metrics with a modern endpoint security solution supported by world-class threat intelligence and enterprise-scale management that covers Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints and extends from the cloud to on-premises and constrained network environments.

These results demonstrate how Trellix Endpoint Security helps security teams continuously improve on operational metrics like MTTD and MTTR and enables businesses to advance their strategic security initiatives like Zero Trust and XDR on a solid foundation of Trellix Endpoint Security. This is why IDC named Trellix a leader in their 2024 MarketScape for Modern Endpoint Security for Enterprises and Midsize Businesses.

For more information please see:
Endpoint Security Product Page

Trellix Endpoint Security Solution Brief
This document and the information contained herein describes computer security research for educational purposes only and the convenience of Trellix customers.

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