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Threats have evolved, but security hasn’t.

Until now.

Security threats are more dynamic and sophisticated than ever, and static and siloed solutions are simply not enough to keep businesses protected.

So Trellix imagined a new kind of resilient.

One that could adapt at the speed of bad actors while propelling your SecOps teams ahead of potential attacks. A living, learning ecosystem that grows stronger, smarter, and more agile every day.

Give your business the confidence to focus on its ambitions with living security.

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Help SecOps relax with simpler security.

Between disconnected tools and endless alerts, keeping your organization safe can get tense. But with Trellix, you get a living XDR platform to manage it all so you can breathe a little easier.

Want to see what cybersecurity with less stress looks like?

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Your Living Security DNA

組織に合わせて調整でき、高度な耐久力とアジリティを発揮するXDR アーキテクチャを開発しました。


生きたXDR エコシステムは、AI/ML の力を駆使して柔軟に適応し、保護を強化するので、動的な脅威の先手をとり、企業はいつもどおりの業務を続けることができます。

XDR を探す


オープンAPI を利用する柔軟で拡張性の高いプラットフォームは、既存のテクノロジーともシームレスに統合でき、お客様に適したエコシステムでセキュリティを強化します。





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