Trellix Email Security – Cloud

A Secure Email Gateway (SEG) that helps organizations minimize the risk of breaches by blocking inbound and outbound malware, phishing URLs, impersonation techniques, and spam.


  • SaaS based solution providing complete Secure Email Gateway capabilities
    Trellix Email Security – Cloud is a full-featured Secure Email Gateway solution that consolidates the email security stack with a comprehensive single vendor solution. Organizations can rely on Trellix’s security efficacy built on its industry leading sandboxing technology in addition to the ability to natively integrate with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.
  • Rapid identification of threats against your organizations
    Email Security - Cloud provides real-time detection and prevention against credential harvesting, impersonation and spear-phishing attacks that typically evade traditional email security defenses.
  • Rich context around threats, campaigns, and alerts
    Email Security - Cloud helps your organization continually adapt your proactive defense against email-borne threats via real-time threat intelligence from the Trellix Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) Cloud. Deep intelligence about threats and attackers combines adversarial, machine and victim intelligence to provide rich context about threats, campaigns, and alerts.


Superior threat detection

Email Security - Cloud helps mitigate the risk of costly breaches by identifying and isolating advanced, targeted, and other evasive attacks camouflaged as normal traffic.

Ease of Deployment

Native integration with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace via API allows rapid and seamless integration into an organizations email infrastructure

Enhanced AVAS protection

Email Security - Cloud Edition is available with anti-spam and antivirus (AVAS) protection to detect both common attacks that use conventional signature matching as well as impersonation techniques.

Executive impersonation protection

Email Security – Cloud Server Edition offers the capability to block business email compromises (BEC) to protect important employees from being spoofed.

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