Trellix XDR Platform

Strengthen your security posture and protect your organization with confidence




Endpoints protected


URLs analyzed per day


Malicious URLs found per day

Revolutionize your cyber resilience

Reduce risk, cost, complexity, and time to value with a single, open, comprehensive AI-powered XDR platform.
Trellix XDR Platform
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Trellix is uniquely positioned to solve all your cybersecurity needs


Seamless integration of 1000+ third-party sources out of the box with native security controls


Broadest set of tightly integrated, best-of-breed security controls, threat intelligence, and XDR


Security for all your workloads across your organization, whether on-premises, cloud, or hybrid

Threat Intelligence Foundation

Intelligence from over 40,000 customers combined with findings from Trellix Advanced Research Center


Correlated, prioritized threat detection across multiple security controls and tools

Las ventajas de Trellix

Reduce time to value, cost, complexity, and risk with the industry’s most comprehensive, open, and native cybersecurity platform.

  • Reduce time to value
    Minimize time to detection and resolution from days and weeks to hours and minutes.

  • Reduce cost and complexity
    Uplevel SOC resources, consolidate tools, and accelerate decision making.

  • Reduce risk
    Prioritize threats and automated actions ensures accurate remediation.

Trellix has you covered

Wherever you are in your cyber resilience journey, Trellix has you covered with multi-vector protection to meet all your cybersecurity objectives.
Wherever you are in your journey, Trellix can navigate all of your cybersecurity challenges

Minimice el tiempo necesario para detectar, investigar y responder a las amenazas de ransomware.

Informe e implemente la estrategia de confianza cero (Zero-Trust) de manera más rápida con datos de telemetría completos.


Ponga en práctica la inteligencia y el análisis de amenazas y mejore la eficacia de los analistas.

Ponga en práctica la inteligencia sobre amenazas, reduzca el número de alertas y automatice las respuestas.

Seguridad en la nube

Proteja contra ataques y asegure su infraestructura híbrida y multinube.

Modernización de

Optimice sus operaciones y cree un SOC más eficaz.

What's in the platform?

Stay secure with best-of-breed security controls and XDR
Stay secure with the industry's most comprehensive XDR platform

Casos prácticos


SMS Group adopts XDR-based cybersecurity strategy

Though the company has looked into other security solutions, SMS Group chose the Trellix XDR SecOps Platform.


Strengthening trust in banking with intelligence-based Endpoint Security

AU Small Finance Bank proactively defends against cyberattacks with Trellix.


Utility ensures reliable, safe services

Utility provider stewards community necessities and customer data.

Reconocimientos del sector

Trellix es reconocido como líder del sector por las principales empresas de análisis

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