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For organizations doing business in the cloud, protecting assets, securing data and identifying and responding to threats is a top priority. Trellix is delivering the future of extended detection and response (XDR) to allow customers more visibility and faster response to their security issues.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Trellix join forces to bring security capabilities to the cloud. Trellix both provides innovative security services hosted from AWS, as well as security technology to uncover cloud-specific threats. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with AWS Security Competency, Trellix continues to work closely with AWS to deliver solutions for securing customer’s environments.

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AWS Summit - Mexico City

DATE: August 7, 2024

WTC International Exhibition and Convention Center

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AWS Summit - Toronto Canada

DATE: September 11, 2024

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AI XDR Dev Days with AWS

Join Trellix and Amazon Web Services to get hands-on in our Trellix XDR Dev Day designed to unlock the full potential of Trellix XDR with Artificial Intelligence. Trellix has pioneered a brand- new way to bring detection, response and remediation together into a single living security solution built on AWS.

Trellix Helix Connect seamlessly integrates with AWS and over 1,000 security and business applications to provide unparalleled visibility and context into security concerns in your environment. Helix Connect combines that context with state-of-the-art investigation templates to empower Amazon Bedrock AI to automatically investigate alerts for you!

During this Dev Day you’ll be able to:

  • Configure your security, infrastructure, and business applications in minutes with Trellix Helix Connect.
  • Understand the 13 AWS integrations (Amazon Bedrock, AWS Verified Access, AWS Gateway Load Balancer, GuardDuty and more) that feed Trellix Helix Connect that provide analysts visibility into your AWS environments.
  • Customize your AI decisions with specific guidance, additional instructions, and more.
  • Find security misconfigurations across your cloud environments.
  • Get visibility and protection from ransomware, phishing, and other malicious events.
  • Investigate and respond to threats from endpoint, email, and network security products
  • Respond to threats faster with guided investigations, pre-built playbooks, and orchestration.
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Virtual AI XDR Dev Day

Join Trellix and Amazon Web Services for a virtual hands-on AI XDR Dev Day designed to unlock the full potential of Trellix XDR with Artificial Intelligence.

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Trellix Detection As A Service Has Earned an AWS Security Competency!

By achieving the Malware Detection distinction in the AWS Security Competency, this differentiates Trellix as an AWS Partner that provides specialized security solutions designed to help companies from startups and mid-sized businesses to the largest global enterprises to adopt, develop and deploy security into their AWS environments increasing their overall security posture on AWS. Our service easily integrates with over 30 different security and productivity tools, including Amazon S3 storage to identify and stop malicious files from entering storage.

Empowering Automated Investigations with Trellix, Cyberuptive, and AWS

Trellix Professional Services, in collaboration with the innovative managed detection and response Cyberuptive, embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to revolutionize the landscape of automated investigations.

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