Election Security

Public confidence in election integrity has never mattered more.
Countdown to the 2024 United States Elections

A holistic approach to engage and enhance your cyber posture

Government election commissions and agencies could be much better prepared to deal with election security threats, but with unprecedented resource constraints and competing priorities, most are not. To develop solutions and security programs to counter cyber threats to elections, government agencies must engage with industry experts with frontline experience to stop cyber criminals and bad actors.  As election technology evolves to improve the accessibility and voting experience, new steps must be taken to ensure the integrity of the process and maintain the confidence of the electorate.

Threats to the election process range from advanced threats such as nation state attacks and manipulation down to accidental data disclosures from technology misconfigurations. To combat these challenges, election officials must pursue a holistic approach to securing election infrastructure, data, and processes.

Trellix Secure Elections

Trellix Secure Elections brings together the diverse technologies to protect your infrastructure end-to-end, combined with the resources and expertise to implement, run, monitor, and improve the security posture across the election landscape. Trellix Secure Elections provides officials with regular reporting and real-time visibility into the security posture as well as clear actions and timelines for improvement.

Trellix Secure Elections is scalable for states, counties, and cities, and the offering integrates with existing investments and practices.

Election Infrastructure Protection

Our open architecture supports 900+ native technology integrations and meets your organization where they operate, providing primary or extended visibility and protection with extreme value-add.

Best-in-class tools and technologies combine with 24x7x365 monitoring and advanced analysis to provide unparalleled real-time protection and situational awareness.

Executive sponsorship ensures the right eyes and priorities are applied to every level of engagement.

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