Threat Intelligence

Trellix creates a stronger defense for you.

Trellix Threat Intelligence provides actionable information about threat actors and behaviors leveraging data from hundreds of millions of connected sensors globally to keep you one step ahead of cyberthreats and adversaries.

Trellix Threat Intelligence

La missione

Trellix Threat Intelligence is a portfolio comprised of solutions and services from our team of experts including our cybersecurity product team and Threat Intelligence Group. We help defend our customers against everyday threats with the tight collaboration between both our product team and our threat researchers working together in real time.

63% of security professionals say that their organization doesn’t have the right staff or skills to manage an appropriate CTI program.”

— CSO: Cyber threat intelligence programs: Still crazy after all these years


"Semper Vigilat Contra Malum" 
Sempre vigili contro il male

Informazioni sul Trellix Threat Intelligence Group

La missione principale del Trellix Threat Intelligence Group (TIG) è garantire che i clienti ricevano i dati e le analisi più aggiornate al fine di fornire loro le indicazioni e gli avvisi necessari. TIG Group ha sede in Colombia, USA, con analisti dislocati in tutto il mondo.

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Soluzioni di intelligence sulle minacce Trellix

Trellix Threat Intelligence Services

I nostri partner

Trellix builds relationships with other organizations (public or private sectors) for intelligence-sharing. Check out a few of our partners below. And to learn more about our threat intelligence partnerships, check out the Trellix Security Innovation Alliance Partner Directory.

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