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Roadmap: Empowering XDR

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Roadmap: Trellix Endpoint Security

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Roadmap: Trellix Network Security

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Automated Responses – Out of the Box

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Trellix Unified Endpoint Architecture

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Roadmap: Trellix Data Security

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Roadmap: Trellix Email Security


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Demo Stations

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DS1 / DS9 : Trellix Platform

The Trellix XDR SAAS platform connects detection, investigation and integrated response across Trellix and third-party products against a panoply of threats.

  • Turn-key Security operations, SOC, response platform
  • SOAR, security orchestration, security automation platform.
  • Threat Intelligence platform, Security Incident Response Platform

DS2 / DS10: Endpoint Sensor

Collaborate and accelerate the identification of suspicious behaviors, facilitate better coordination of defenses, and provide better protection against targeted attacks and zero-days.

  • Machine learning to identify and prevent new malware
  • Security that aligns with your top priorities
  • Real-time forensics investigation

DS3 / DS11: Threat Intel

Trellix Insights powered by best in class intelligence capabiltites drives your Security Operations Processes with native, integrated and currated threat intelligence.

  • Native: Realtime Threat Intelligence Assessments
  • Integrated: Flexible and Accessible APIs
  • Curated: Best-In-Class Research yields actionable Threat Intelligence

DS4 / DS12: Data Protection Sensor

Trellix Data & Users Security gives you real-time visibility and security of data, protecting against data leakage through dynamic access adjustment, intelligent threat identification, and automated response.

  • Protects data everywhere
  • Applies intelligence at scale
  • Adapts across the enterprise

DS5 / DS13: Network Sensor

Detection On Demand is a threat detection cloud service that scans content on demand to identify resident malware.

  • Detects threats others miss
  • Alerts that matter
  • Security your way

DS6 / DS14: Open Sensors

Trellix Open XDR Platform helps you secure your internal networks, cloud infrastructure and services, industrial control systems, and air gapped networks.

  • Native: Realtime Threat Intelligence Assessments
  • Integrated: Flexible and Accessible APIs
  • Curated: Best-In-Class Research yields actionable Threat Intelligence

DS7 / DS15: Multi Cloud

Trellix Cloudvisory is a control center for cloud security management that delivers visibility, compliance and governance to any cloud environment.

  • Go (Cloud) Native
  • Trust, but Verify
  • Detect and Respond

DS8 / DS16: Email Sensor

Email Security leverages the industry’s best detection and incident response capabilities to protect email infrastructure against the wide range of threats facing organizations.

  • Stops advanced threats other solutions miss
  • Rapidly adapts to the evolving threat landscape
  • Consolidates your email security stack single vendor solution

DS22: Health Watch Symantec Utility Migration

Health Watch provides an automated review of your environment and provides a clear remediation plan to get the most out of your Trellix solutions.

  • Analysis of your Trellix policies against industry best practices
  • Quickly identify features in solutions that are not being utilized
  • 30/60/90-day action plan to get your environment into a optimal configuration

Symantec Utility Migration Quick and simple migration from Symantec Endpoint Protection and Data Loss Prevention to Trellix solutions.

  • Produces a report with policy mapping from SEP/SDLP to Trellix
  • Provides a comprehensive document for policy and settings
  • Automates conversion of policies from SEP/SDLP to Trellix format
  • Migrates defined configurations (systems, system tree, etc.) into ePO