Diversity and Inclusion

Trellix is firmly committed to driving diversity in all shapes and forms. Diversity makes us smarter, more creative and innovative. Trellix believes that diverse teams’ insights and leadership styles create more opportunities for real innovation, creativity and strategic problem solving. Diversity invites different perspectives and experiences and makes us all stronger while adding real value to our company and solutions.

What's at Stake

At Trellix, we celebrate and advance diversity efforts in all its forms. When we bring people together who are different from one another in gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and background, we also bring together information, experiences, viewpoints and opinions that are unlike our own. This means we are challenged in our own thinking and ideas to produce smart, creative and innovative solutions for the business. 

This means working hard to anchor diversity and inclusion into our culture – not only because it will result in the best possible workforce but also because we believe in the principles for their own sake. Research on large, innovative organizations has shown that gender and racial diversity improves organizations’ financial performance. It is not difficult to imagine that a diverse incident response team could benefit from looking at cyber incidents and responses from a multitude of perspectives. Diversity and inclusion challenge our standard ways of thinking and make us smarter, more creative and more capable of producing innovative solutions.

However, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is about more than just the clear business benefits. It is also about the right for every person to feel comfortable bringing their authentic self to work, to be able to contribute openly with their own unique perspectives and ideas. At Trellix we promote acceptance in the workplace, and diversity and inclusion help form the foundation of our culture.

How Trellix Supports Diversity and Inclusion

We have tenants of diversity and inclusion as a part of our global diversity strategy:

  • Education - Diversity training will provide knowledge, skills and tools to strengthen our ability to respect and leverage diversity to produce better results. Trellix is committed to required training to improve awareness and change behaviors.

  • Hiring Practices - Implementation of hiring and recruitment practices will help advance our diversity goals. To achieve this, every recruiter will hold an internal target in line with the available talent pool within the function they support. This focused effort will result in a diverse slate of candidates presented to the hiring manager for every job opening. To further ensure impartiality, any interview panel must also contain a member who represents diversity. Lastly, a dedicated recruiter for diversity hiring practices and strategy has been hired to further enhance our reach and ability to attract and retain diverse talent.

  • Strategic Partnership - We must educate the cybersecurity talent of tomorrow to fuel our talent pool. We will do this with industry and university partnerships. By forging strong partnerships with universities known for developing diverse candidates, we will be able to better target and build our future candidate pipeline.

  • Alignment to Company Goals - As further evidence of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, Trellix will ensure diversity targets are built into our company goals. This year, Trellix's Annual Bonus Payout will, in part, be dependent on the company’s ability to meet its diversity targets, among other important factors. This means every Trellix employee has a vested interest in driving diversity.

  • Trellix supports policies that actively promote diversity and inclusion. We oppose discrimination of any kind at the state or federal level and more generally across our international operations. As a global company, Trellix is home to a diverse workforce that represents the best and brightest minds in the field. A diverse and inclusive society attracts and retains this kind of talent.