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Solution Architect

Ayed Al Qartah

Solution Architect

Currently working at Trellix as a Solution Architect. In this role, Ayed works with customers across the EMEA region where he provides SecOps and XDR solution advisory and architecture recommendations to prospective and current Trellix customers. He has extensive experience in cybersecurity architecture, advanced threats defenses, security operations, and incident response across industry verticals, including enterprise, financial, government, oil and gas, defense, and education organizations in the Middle East and Canada.

Prior to joining Trellix, he spent six years with Cisco Systems as a Technical Solutions Architect, and four years with FireEye as a Consulting Systems Engineer. Ayed is passionate about all things related to malware, incident response, critical infrastructure, and threat intelligence. He earned his MSc. degree in Cybersecurity from Utica University, New York.


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