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John Dunlap

John Dunlap

Software Security Expert

John Dunlap is a NYC based software security expert who focuses on vulnerability research and reverse engineering. John has presented at software security conferences such as Defcon, Toorcon, HOPE, and Derbycon on security research topics. John started his journey in software security at Gotham Digital security where he performed penetration testing and red teaming activities for top American financial institutions and other fortune 10 companies. John later worked at Trail of Bits focusing on auditing native code and embedded platforms. John has also worked with Leviathan Security Group who audit top cloud computing providers.

The focus on John's interest in security is security research on native code binaries, operating system kernels, and high impact recently disclosed vulnerabilities ("N-days.") John applies cutting edge static analysis, fuzzing, and patch diffing techniques in order to research recently disclosed bugs and new bugs in sensitive platforms.


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