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Our CEO on Living Security

Trellix CEO, Bryan Palma, explains the critical need for security that’s always learning.

Gartner Marketplace Guide (XDR)
Gartner® Report: Market Guide for XDR

As per Gartner, "XDR is an emerging technology that can offer improved threat prevention, detection and response."

Trellix Launches Advanced Threat Research Center
Trellix Launches Advanced Research Center

Trellix announced the establishment of the Trellix Advanced Research Center to advance global threat intelligence.

The Threat Report - February 2023
Latest Report

Trellix Advanced Research Center analyzes Q4 2022 threat data on ransomware, nation-states, sectors, vectors, LotL, MITRE ATT&CK techniques, and emails.

Trellix: Helix - Data Loss Prevention – Best Practices

Protecting data is our customers number one goal and Trellix Data Loss Prevention solutions are a key to meeting your security, compliance, and critical data protection requirements. However, implementing a DLP solution can be daunting.

Watch this recording as Trellix Solution Engineers and Data Protection specialist Leon Matthasen and Adrian Culley describe some best practices.

Best Practice Topics:

  • - DLP program development
  • - DLP policy lifecycle and management
  • - Quick wins with DLP
  • - Common Use Cases and how to implement

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