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Trellix at Black Hat 2022 - Media Kit

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Trellix Black Hat Event Site

Trellix is a proud sponsor of the Networking Lounge at Black Hat 2022. Come watch our on-demand session, visit the Trellix booth and meet with our solutions experts.

Trellix Black Hat Sessions

Read more about out #TeamTrellix’s speaking sessions at the show.

Trellix Threat Labs

Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution in a Wide Range of DrayTek Vigor Routers

  • Research: The Trellix Threat Labs Vulnerability Research team has found an unauthenticated remote code execution vulnerability, filed under CVE-2022-32548 affecting multiple DrayTek routers.
  • Stories: While we may forget about this massive attack surface that small business create, our adversaries have not. Read more on the blog.
  • Video: See how an attacker could compromise a DrayTek router and pivot to internal resources in a mock-network we’ve created. Check out our demo.

Trellix Threat Labs Uncovers Critical Flaws in Widely Used Building Access Control System

  • Technical Details: The first of a multi-part technical series focused on vulnerability discovery in a widely used access control system. It describes our research journey from target acquisition all the way through exploitation, beginning with the vendor and product selection and a deep dive into the hardware hacking techniques.
  • Stories: Trellix Threat Labs is sharing new research into vulnerabilities in an industrial control system (ICS) used to grant physical access to privileged facilities and integrate with more complex building automation deployments.
  • Video: Watch our team hack the building access control system in our demo.

DotDumper: automatically unpacking DotNet based malware

  • Tool: Trellix launched a new open-source tool to aid SOC analysts in unpacking DotNet based malware.

The Race to Secure eBPF for Windows

  • Research: Trellix is first to research security of eBPF for Windows at Black Hat. Read more on discovered vulnerabilities in an up-and-coming attack surface.

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