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On September 27-29, at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, Trellix Xpand Live will share our vision for a new kind of defense. Cybersecurity that’s alive and embedded, that learns and adapts as fast as threat actors do - and can turn today’s threats into tomorrow’s advantage.

What to expect at Trellix Xpand Live 2022

Xpand Live will be an important time for us to come together with our partners and customers to discuss the latest mitigation strategies and adversary tactics.

Trellix Expands XDR Platform to Transform Security Operations

Trellix announced the expansion of its XDR platform. Trellix XDR enables the company’s 40,000+ customers to build greater cyber resiliency, maximize the value of their existing security tools, and reduce mean time to detection and response.

Trellix Accelerates Channel Success Through Unified Partner Program and Expanded Security Innovation Alliance

Trellix announced Trellix Xtend, a new partner program designed to increase profitability, engagement, and growth across its global partner ecosystem. Trellix also announced new technology integrations to Trellix XDR through the Security Innovation Alliance.

Trellix Empowers Next Generation of Cybersecurity Talent at Xpand Live

Trellix announced new efforts to close the cybersecurity industry’s 2.72 million person talent gap.

XDR Research

60% of Cybersecurity Professionals Feel They Are Losing Ground Against Cybercriminals

Trellix released global research revealing the cost of siloed security, weak spots in protection and lack of confidence amongst security operations teams. The study of 9,000 global cybersecurity professionals also looks to the future of security and the technology poised to revolutionize security operations.

XDR: Redefining the Future of Cybersecurity E-book

XDR: A Revolution Cybersecurity Infographics

Advanced Research Center

Trellix Launches Advanced Research Center, Finds 350K Open-Source Projects at Risk to Supply Chain Vulnerability

Trellix, the cybersecurity company delivering the future of extended detection and response (XDR), today announced the establishment of the Trellix Advanced Research Center to advance global threat intelligence. In coordination with today’s launch, Trellix Advanced Research Center also published its research into CVE-2007-4559, a vulnerability estimated to be present in over 350,000 open-source projects and prevalent in closed-source projects.


Tarfile: Exploiting the World With a 15-Year-Old Vulnerability

Trellix Advanced Research Center stumbled across a vulnerability in Python’s tarfile module. As we dug into the issue, we realized this was in fact CVE-2007-4559.

Open-Source Intelligence to Understand the Scope of N-Day Vulnerabilities

The zero-day is the holy grail for cybercriminals; however, N-day vulnerabilities can pose problems even years after discovery. If a target is vulnerable, it doesn’t matter whether the vulnerability is unknown or has been known for decades.

Limiting the Software Supply Chain Attack Surface

While investigating an unrelated vulnerability our team stumbled across this issue present in an enterprise device. Initially we thought we had found a new zero-day vulnerability. As we dug into the issue, we realized this was CVE-2007-4559.

Ancient CVEs Can Cause You Problems

Today CVE is used in all aspects of vulnerability identification and reporting. There is an urban myth that if there is a CVE issued, there is a fix associated. Yes, I have heard that many times over the years. That, however, is NOT the case.

Dismantling a Prolific Cybercriminal Empire: REvil Arrests and Reemergence

In this blog, we will take you all the way from the steps REvil took to build their cybercriminal enterprise through the missteps that eventually led to their downfall.

Cyber Tools and Foreign Policy: A False Flag Chinese “APT” and Nancy Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan led to an aftershock across the Taiwan Strait and through the Asia Pacific region. Immediately after Pelosi’s visit, China’s People’s Liberation Army carried out waves of intensive military drills.

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