Trellix Enterprise Security Manager

Real-time monitoring and analysis allowing you to quickly prioritize, investigate, and respond to hidden threats.


  • Further simplify security and compliance
    A central view of potential threats with built-in workflows removes the complexity of threat protection. Be ready anytime for the audit with automated compliance.
  • Gain better visibility and valuable intelligence
    Get greater transparency monitoring users, applications, networks and devices. Data correlated and enriched to deliver purposeful intelligence on the threat and how to mitigate.
  • Protect Against Advanced and Unknown Threats
    Real-time threat identification and response powered by advanced threat intelligence reduces lead time to protect against threats such as phishing, insider threats, data exfiltration and Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks.



Integrating across your entire security infrastructure to collect and analyze vast amount of disparate data. Offers active integrations with incident response or analytics solutions to streamline sec ops workflows.

Rapid Access and Search

With fast and smart access to threat information, analysts with any level of expertise—from beginner to expert—will find it easier to prioritize, investigate, and respond to evolving threats.

Advanced Correlation and Data Enrichment

Comprehensive and correlated access to the enriched data and context guides your analysts to a better understanding and faster resolution. Simplify security operations with ready-to-go security use cases that offer fast access to advanced threat or compliance management capabilities.

Compliance On-demand

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes with centralized and automated compliance monitoring and reporting. Includes integration with the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) enabling a “collect once, comply with many” methodology.

Scalable data architecture

An open and scalable data bus that was built specifically for high-volume data processing.

Take the next step toward living security for your data