The CISO’s Guide to Ransomware

When it comes to ransomware, every minute counts. Get road-tested guidance for CISOs and cybersecurity leaders to combat ransomware.

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Don’t let ransomware catch you off-guard

Debunk common ransomware myths, access readiness best practices, get insights on AI growing role, and evolve your defense maturity in this complete guide for CISOs.

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What's inside the guide

5 Myths about ransomware

You can help your organization get set up for success by debunking these common ransomware misconceptions.

10 Best practices

Ransomware threat actors are constantly changing their methods. We’ve compiled a set of best practices that can help you prepare for this always evolving threat.

3 Stages of ransomware maturity

For true cyber resilience, assess where your organization is overall and learn what it takes to move up the maturity curve..

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