Trellix: Fireside Chat

How do you protect your hybrid workplace with advanced messaging security?

In today?s hybrid working environments, employees use multiple solutions for messaging and collaboration. Email remains the most widely used form of communication. While many organizations have some form of Email Security, it also remains a top entry point for cyber attacks. Other applications, such as Teams, are most widely used for collaboration but many SOCs lack visibility into the data shared in these channels.

So, when it comes to protecting the hybrid workplace, IT Security Managers need to consider a defense in depth approach to enhance O365 and secure all the workplace collaboration channels.

Mo Cashman, Trellix Principal Engineer & Director will be joined by James Johnson, Regional Sales Director as they discuss the enhancement to messaging security strategies through this Fireside Chat.

Watch this recording to better understand how you can enhance your Email Security through Office 365 environment gaining more email protection.