2024 Report

The Mind of the CISO:

Decoding the GenAI Impact
Over 500 security executives share how AI is changing the CISO role and the cybersecurity landscape

A CISO’s Perspective of GenAI: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Trellix engaged with 500 CISOs across North America to understand how GenAI and AI are evolving the threat landscape and the CISO role to reshape the future of cybersecurity in the workplace. Dive in for illuminating insights on the challenges along with the solutions these technologies present in security operations.

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Numbers tell the story


of CISOs expressed excitement over the prospects and opportunities GenAI and AI will bring to their organization


of CISOs agree adopting and integrating GenAI tools will help address security operations staffing issues within their organization


of CISOs say using GenAI without clear regulations would put their organization at risk


of CISOs are concerned over cybercriminals using GenAI to perform cyberattacks, with an increase in speed, frequency, and scale


of CISOs agree AI/GenAI has made them contemplate their future as a CISO

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