Fill Microsoft Security Gaps with Trellix

For the last decade, Microsoft software has been the #1 source of security vulnerabilities.? Augment your existing infrastructure with comprehensive cybersecurity coverage from Trellix.
Microsoft licenses aren’t enough to cover serious gaps in cybersecurity. Trellix provides critical capabilities that Microsoft E3 lacks and offers a best-in-class security package at a lower overall cost than E5 while covering more vectors, such as Network Detection and Response.

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  • Security is a side business
  • Closed XDR – Microsoft dictates how you should secure your organization
  • Supports Microsoft’s version of an enterprise environment – short OS lifecycle, lack of support for legacy and OS variants
  • All-eggs-in-one-basket approach presents a supply chain risk
  • License complexity and limits on data ingestion are proven to increase hidden costs

Why customers choose Trellix over Microsoft

Trellix offers complete, comprehensive coverage and visibility across all your assets in cloud or on-premises with an AI-powered XDR platform, insights from over 1,000 data sources, and multi-vendor, multi-vector detections.

Support for OSes and critical business environments (servers, IoT/OT, and disconnected environments)
Mature portfolio of products provides critical coverage across a breadth of attack vectors, including email, network, data, and endpoint security
Mature portfolio of products provides critical coverage across a breadth of attack vectors, including email security, network detection and response, data security, and endpoint security
Most comprehensive, integrated, and open platform
Flexible licensing model
Support for hybrid models, on-premises, and cloud
Integrated threat intelligence and the Trellix Advanced Research Center



Are Microsoft Sentinel Benefits Worth the Cost?

Microsoft Security Vulnerabilities

As part of the Microsoft E5 Security bundle, customers are entitled to a “Sentinel Benefit.” But is the benefit really there for you and your security needs, or is the benefit all Microsoft’s?


Stop Email and Collaboration Attacks - Catch What Others Miss

Microsoft Security Vulnerabilities

Learn how to keep your organization safe from email and collaboration attacks with Trellix solutions that excel at catching what others miss, particularly in comparison with solutions like Microsoft Defender for Office.


A CIO Perspective of the Solution

Microsoft Security Vulnerabilities

Watch Trellix CIO Kim Anstett for a candid discussion of the real-world choices organizations must make when it comes to Microsoft.

Solution Brief

The Trellix XDR Platform

If you are like most organizations today you have a collection of security controls for threat detection, investigation, and remediation.

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