XDR: The next evolution of cybersecurity

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Trellix XDR

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Your cybersecurity landscape has many moving parts—and XDR is the link that connects them all.

Trellix XDR enables your SecOps team to tap into the power of AI and ML to accelerate threat detection and response.

Now, with your security evolved, you can outsmart threats and outpace attacks with ease.

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Why XDR?

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Gain full visibility and control

Simplify analyst experiences by connecting siloed solutions in an open, flexible enterprise platform.

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Increase detection speed and accuracy

Filter out the noise by using AI and ML to quickly collect, process, analyze, and act upon data from point products.

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Supercharge security operations

Automate threat mitigation and prevention with easy access to customized playbooks, actionable intelligence, and guided response workflows.

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