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Celebrating Cybersecurity Education

One of the reasons I think Trellix is different is that we are optimistic, confident and even a bit impatient about how we want to shape tomorrow. You’ll see that in everything we do. Including our strategic focus on XDR as the next cybersecurity frontier and the new culture we’re building around our values of open, tenacious, curious and fun. And our drive to bring legions of new talent – from different backgrounds and capabilitites – to a wider, broader and richer global pool of cybersecurity security experts who view our collective mission as #SoulfulWork.

At the center of this passion is how we approach cybersecurity education. I’m talking about individuals, especially our next generation of talent, charting their future. I’m also talking about how we do this at Trellix, setting the pace and in an industry with an honorable mission.

National Cybersecurity Education Month

On June 15, Congress passed a resolution recognizing June 2022 as “National Cybersecurity Education Month.” The resolution references:

  • The recent surge in cyberattacks and the vulnerabilities across our private and public sectors and critical infrastructure.
  • The urgent need to fill cybersecurity roles within the U.S. to mitigate cyberattacks.
  • K-12 cybersecurity learning opportunities, taking special note of the Cybersecurity Education Training Assistance Program (CETAP), a DHS initiative to promote cybersecurity education in elementary and secondary schools.
  • A call to action for the federal government to promote cybersecurity education and training and commit Congress to taking legislative action to support cybersecurity education.

Education as a three-point plan

Congress appears to agree with the plan our CEO, Bryan Palma, shared during his keynote at the RSA Conference on June 7th. He painted a vision for reshaping cybersecurity education at all levels – for grades K-12, in secondary institutions and in supporting mid-career professionals who are moving into the field. The three pillars of the plan are to:

  1. Transform the current K-12 educational system
  2. Improve guidance and training for early-career professionals
  3. Create avenues for mid-career professionals seeking to make the move into cybersecurity

I’m passionate about the plan because it would help bring cybersecurity education and training to many people from different backgrounds, increasing the diversity of thought and perspectives shaping our industry as well as filling a critical personnel shortage worldwide.

What the future holds

At a forum hosted by National Academy of Public Administration, Diana Burley, vice provost at American University, recently said of cybersecurity curriculum, “We have got to get to a place where we are able to get this curricular content into our K-12 schools so that in fifth period, you’re going to your cyber class just like you would be going to your English class or your math class or what have you. Until we do that, we are going to be playing catch up and we’re not going to have this as the mainstream foundation for those who are at the tip of the spear and those who are in general society.”

Congress, Diana and Bryan all specify K-12 as a critical juncture in cybersecurity education. The children are our future, and cybersecurity developments will only come faster and faster as time goes on. Not just for the sake of our industry and those we serve, but for all people, its critical schools provide quality cybersecurity curriculum to students beginning in elementary school, where those building blocks can be laid properly and expanded upon as the student grows and learns.

Congress has recognized the importance of cybersecurity education.

It’s time we all stepped up and did the same.

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