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Digital Transformation Needs a New Name

Transformation isn’t an outcome. It’s a way of living. As board members, business leaders and cybersecurity experts at the frontlines of our industry, we need to begin talking in new ways, about where we are going and about how reinvention brings security to life.

We’ve overused the term “digital transformation”. We’ve used it to describe everything from cutting-edge technologies to billion-dollar mergers. It’s the elixir making everything marvelous, indispensable and state-of-the-art.

The phrase is getting stale. We’ve used it so much, it hardly means anything. After all, isn’t everything digital today?

Language Matters

The mistake leaders make is seeing digital transformation as a destination or goal. Buy the right tools, get the right software, pack yourself into the cloud—presto, you’re there. Fully digitally transformed, until something changes...

If we reimagine digital transformation’s meaning it is about a digital purpose with a living pulse. It’s about how we use things, reinvent them, and then integrate into our practices. It’s a way of encountering and reacting to events. The environment is always changing and we’re always learning. Our capacity to transform is what enables our capacity to thrive.

It’s an iterative process – and it needs a better term.

Reinvention is the New Name

At Trellix, we know transformation isn’t a fixed finish line. It’s a continuous process. It’s a platform with a heartbeat. And recognizing this is fundamental to how we approach security, everywhere, every day.

Evaluate your current cybersecurity strategies and solutions and be honest with yourself. Are they working for you? Or are you working for them?

What if your cybersecurity was truly living – constantly learning, prioritizing and remediating? What would it mean for your organization, your teams, and your mission?

It’s time to shift our strategies, mindsets and language from transformation to reinvention. From almost-there to always-on. From static to living.

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