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Introducing Trellix’s Mind of the CISO Initiative

We at Trellix are thrilled to announce the launch of our unique "The Mind of the CISO" initiative. As the CISO of Trellix with more than 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity landscape, I'm incredibly excited about the opportunity to share valuable insights and lessons learned with you. This is more than just an initiative; it's a community for sharing wisdom, fostering discussions, and addressing the issues we encounter in our roles.

Trellix’s 2023 Mind of the CISO report confirmed the need for increased engagement and support for CISOs. We’re in a paradigm shift right now. The AI revolution has arrived and is expected to grow annually at 37.3% between now and 2030. Bad actors are rapidly implementing AI as organizations research its potential benefits. It's imperative that organizations do not fall behind in defending against AI – and quickly become experts in learning to use AI to strengthen their security and operations. Trellix recognizes the need to actively support CISOs in the AI age and in using their current tools against other threats as we work together to shape the solutions we will need moving forward.

Interestingly, the challenges we CISOs face are similar despite the diverse industries we support. We often find ourselves sifting through far too many tools, processing a deluge of alerts, and managing scarce resources. Furthermore, we must also find effective ways to communicate and influence stakeholders that often don’t understand these challenges. Clearly, these shared challenges are not confined to industry silos. They are prevalent across sectors, and through this initiative, we aim to highlight these issues and provide viable solutions.

The initiative is uniquely multifaceted, offering perspectives through a myriad of avenues. From engaging blog posts to enlightening webinars and other media engagements, it aims to amplify the voices and insights of CISOs in a manner that resonates with their peers and the organizations they support. By encapsulating the broad range of concerns and hurdles CISOs navigate, the initiative illuminates not just areas of security operations and the cyber threat landscape but also a diverse set of issues that are as multidimensional as the challenges CISOs face.

Central to our initiative is the CISO Council. This group, comprising nominated CISOs from various industries, forms the initiatives' backbone. Their collective wisdom and experiences immensely enrich the conversation, providing a well-rounded perspective reflecting our roles' diversity and complexity.

In essence, "The Mind of the CISO" initiative and the accompanying CISO Council present an unprecedented opportunity to shed light on the CISO's world, foster dialogue, and ultimately through lessons learned, contribute to a more resilient cybersecurity landscape. Stay tuned as we journey through the "Mind of the CISO," exploring our challenges, sharing experiences, and cultivating a global community of cyber resilience.

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