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New Trellix Xtend Global Partner Program Accelerates Business Growth and Customer Resilience

Cybersecurity risks continue to proliferate across business and government landscapes. Driving these challenges are several factors, one of which relates to the inability for customers to create an architecture that connects, adapts, and provides visibility into threat actors consistently, and in real-time.

Partners play a critical role in our customers’ cybersecurity transformation and Trellix is always looking for new ways to enable partners to differentiate themselves and to drive growth.

Trellix Xtend: Designed with and for our partners

A year ago – as we became Trellix - one of our top priorities was to improve partner profitability by creating a program that was in the partner’s best interest. So, we took the time to really think it through. We looked at industry best practices, and we talked to partners about what they wanted.

I’m excited that today, we can finally go live with the new Trellix Xtend Global Partner Program. It’s designed to provide unique benefits that deepen partner relationships, enable broad integrations across native and third-party providers, and grant our partners the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell. Partners receive a customized experience rooted in advanced security, based on decades of industry expertise, and facilitated by a native, open, and scalable extended detection and response (XDR) platform.

As part of Xtend, we have invested in a number of partner development engines to speed growth and simplify the experience for Trellix partners. Integral to Xtend are a plethora of resources that are easy to find and immediately useful for partners in the program:

  • Our newly upgraded Trellix Partner Portal is a repository of the right type of usable content and other reference materials to help drive partner success, including deal registration, incentive management, and more.
  • Trellix University offers partners with a growing solution and security training portfolio to improve the overall experience for partners and enable them to more quickly and easily sell Trellix solutions and services.
  • Profitability programs to help maximize partner value and fuel their growth.
  • Dedicated technical and sales resources will ensure alignment and significantly simplify the customer’s journey.
  • And ongoing demand generation and marketing support for driving go-to-market opportunities and providing consistently qualified leads.

Serving customers together

We’re proud of our unique partner-first approach and our laser focus on defining and driving new opportunities for our partners to rapidly grow with us as we work together to help our customers breathe a little easier.

As a Trellix partner, you’ll be privy to exceptional opportunities ahead. Find out more on Trellix Xtend through our website or by logging into our new Trellix partner portal. Also, feel free to reach out to me, your channel account manager, or another member of our team.

I also want to give a shout out and a sincere thank you to Chris Carter and Kristi Houssiere on my team, who spent a great deal of energy, time, and focus to bring this extraordinary new program to you.

The channel is a true engine of success for us and our customers. We look forward to providing you a premium experience and the utmost levels of support as we find innovative ways to support and protect customers, together.

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