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Partner Relationships: We are in this Together

We have been given a tremendous opportunity to build and shape our partner program from the ground up. The launch of Trellix in January has allowed us to take the best of McAfee and FireEye and marry them together to execute more strategically and deliver value to accelerate your business. From the highest ranks at Trellix, including our board of directors and CEO Bryan Palma, we are aligned. We are partner first all the way.

I am Britt Norwood and this is a first in a series of blog posts for the next several months where my team and I will bring you monthly updates, insights and previews into what you can expect from us and the opportunities available to our partner community. It’s important that we bring you clear and transparent updates as we shape the channel program and seek your feedback on what will work for you. We’ll give you insights into partner education and resources, including an enhanced portal experience, insights into the role of MSSPs in cybersecurity and, of course, the benefits and growth opportunities of XDR to partners.

Explosion of the XDR market

With 93% of organizations either currently working on an XDR project or looking to do so in the next 6-12 months, XDR adoption is moving fast. This opens up tremendous opportunities for our partners. In particular, mid-market organizations, which are predicted to face between 56,000 to 86,000 attacks in 2022 alone, need to keep up with the everchanging threat landscape.

As we look at the XDR market, we continue to look for partners who want to work and grow with us. We announced 16 of our most recent vendor integrations at our Xpand Digital event in late April including Zcaler, VMware and Fortinet. The need for our MSSP partners is tremendous so we have created a vision and roadmap to allow leading providers around the world to integrate Trellix XDR into their standardized offerings at scale so they can better manage high-level incident response operations. In addition, we continue to strengthen our technology partner ecosystem with RSA SecurID, Allied Telesis, Bullwall, Knowbe4, Entrust, SecureCo, Devo, Fluency, Votiro and GetVisibility to our Security Innovation Alliance (SIA).

We continue to work to alleviate pain points our partners face as SecOps itself is undergoing transformation. This is why our native and open XDR platform combines endpoint protection with detection, response and insights to ease the burden for the endpoint admin, a small SOC team or the security architect. This is key because it sets the building blocks for Helix, our SecOps platform that helps to easily integrate and augment a user’s existing tools.

Ignite the XDR journey

In our partner portal we’ve established a clear sales play to keep our partners well equipped with the tools needed to sell, implement, and utilize XDR to mitigate threats. There, we provide resources like on-demand training, customer presentations, blog posts, and partner-focused webinars. This will help partners convey the benefits to their customers and arm their SE’s with the technical tools and wherewithal to confidently establish the framework for a customer’s journey to XDR. Additionally, we are revamping our portal to make it easier for partners to complete deal registrations, find relevant content, and connect with us quicker.

Trellix is also establishing a Global Partner Advisory Board that will meet quarterly starting late summer 2022. There, we will bring together our channel team and top partners to update them on what’s next for Trellix and discuss any feedback to better collaborate – which will be rolled out to all partners. This will be key to ensure we are on track to bring the best solutions to their appropriate markets.

Staying in touch

With a partner first approach, obviously partner engagement is at the top of our list. At RSA this month we hosted a series of exclusive educational sessions and networking events. I enjoyed meeting many of our partners there. Our goal was to define the opportunities in the rapidly growing XDR market and provide the opportunity for hands-on experience with our XDR platform. I welcome any feedback.

If you missed us at RSA, we also plan to be at Black Hat in August and our Xpand and Partner Summit in Las Vegas in September. At both events we plan to share more about what we’ve learned about the XDR market, our latest product updates and, of course, the latest updates of our partner program. We hope to have the opportunity to engage with you at Xpand.

As we solidify the details of the partner program, my team and I will lead with transparency. This blog is the first of many to come as Trellix shares new findings and experiences with the industry to ensure “living security everywhere.” Please be sure to stay in touch with us by reaching out to your channel account manager, myself, or a member of our team. We’re committed to your success and look forward to working together. Welcome to the Channel Program Blog Series – Driving Success with XDR.

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