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Trellix Stands for Peace

The situation in Ukraine weighs heavily on our hearts and minds. As a result of this conflict, millions of people are seeking refuge in neighboring countries and thousands of people have been killed or wounded. Simply put, this war is an absolute tragedy for the Ukrainian people.

Trellix stands with friends, family, our partners and customers in Ukraine. We have halted sales of products and services to Russia. We will continue to comply with sanctions and regulations as this crisis unfolds.

Our team is closely monitoring threat activity in Ukraine and signals of cyber-attacks globally. We are also prepared for the prospect of the cyber conflict extending beyond Ukraine by actors who attempt to take advantage of the world’s attention on this region to perpetrate their own malicious activity.

Trellix is coordinating with government and industry partners to help provide greater visibility into the evolving threat landscape. As a member of the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) convened by the U.S. Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Trellix is actively aligned with this global network of public and private sector partners focused on rapid response efforts to protect critical infrastructure.

We continue to add protections to our products as new malware variants and behavior indicators are discovered. Throughout this crisis, our team will provide research and analysis necessary to inform, prepare and address threats to our customers’ organizations.

Resources can be found in our Threat Center and publications analyzing newly discovered threats in our Trellix Labs blogs and @TrellixLabsTwitter handle.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our customers and partners as we work through this difficult situation.

Trellix stands for peace.

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