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Look Alive Out There

Kids believe in monsters under the bed. Adults? Not so much. We flip on the light switch, peek under the mattress, prove there is no threat there, and go back to the business of sleeping.

It isn’t that we lack the imagination we had as children. It’s more that we gained the context and understanding that comes with growing, learning, and living to know the solution to fear is to shine light on it. Through this we receive peace of mind, safety, care, confidence – security.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the concept of security completely shift. The word today evokes something you need opposed to something you implicitly have. Listening to our customers, the commentary associated with security is telling. Organizations are:

  • Concerned… if they are protected enough.
  • Doubtful… that they have the right tools, solutions, and staff in place.
  • Anxious and apprehensive… that a breach may happen, has unknowingly happened or is inevitable.

Needless to say, they are not resting soundly.

Trellix is here to flip the switch. As humans we can eliminate fear and achieve security using the growth, learning, and context we’ve garnered and applied navigating life. For organizations to achieve this peace of mind and confidence, security must do the same for them.

Imagine if security could learn and adapt, be always-on and living, and act as a catalyst for growth instead of a hinderance keeping us awake at night? Security that is alive and embedded can allow organizations to get back to the business of dreaming of the potential to come when leading with fortitude and not fear.

Trellix is building on the strength of its heritage and learnings to provide living security that adapts to threats across the cloud and our clients’ constantly shifting infrastructure, devices, teams, and data. Our living security is elastic. It’s able to flex as our clients’ infrastructure does so, keeping it protected without having to constantly add to their complexity. Our evolved XDR ecosystem that started years ago with advanced detection, response and remediation is now integrated so enterprises can lead with confidence and resiliency, not paralysis, fear nor resignation.

We’re here to satiate customers seeking solutions that bridge the gap between intelligence and action by empowering security to use knowledge, context, and insight in the face of dynamic threat actors. And we recognize no two customers or industries are alike.

By understanding where our clients are and what is not being currently solved for them, we can help them reach where they want to be. This is a blueprint for growth not only for them but for Trellix as well as we re-introduce ourselves to the market and transition security from static to always-on and optimized for specific needs.

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