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Trellix Leads XDR Evolution

Until recently, organizations relied on individual cybersecurity solutions to protect specific attack surfaces like endpoint devices, networks, and email. As attacks have increased in complexity however, this siloed approach is no longer enough. To thrive in today’s threat landscape, organizations need a connecting tissue that can detect, prevent, and remediate attacks across all vectors. Trellix Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a revolutionary approach to cybersecurity that provides this critical connecting tissue. As with any new technology, there has been a lot of hype surrounding XDR, with many vendors being quick to stake hollow leadership claims. To distinguish fact from fiction, it is important to understand the evolution of XDR and the elements needed to truly deliver on its promise.

In the Beginning, There Was EPP

Digital transformation has brought undisputed opportunity for organizations everywhere, but with that opportunity came potential entry points for bad actors. This meant many new endpoints – literally billions – needed secure access to help organizations operate and grow. These endpoints also provided many potential gateways into an organization’s assets. The surge in endpoint use required more than malicious software detection. As a result, the security industry shifted its focus to prevention using Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP). EPP was designed as a first-line defense mechanism for blocking known threats by relying on signature-based detection, behavioral analysis, and reputation-based threat intelligence. When it came to detecting malware, EPP offered an upgrade to standard antivirus software and protection against known threats. But EPP struggled to keep up with the evolving threat landscape. Organizations needed a new hero to not only detect the bad guys, but to respond quickly and effectively.

Next Came EDR

Next came Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). These solutions were designed to detect and respond to security incidents in real time, giving organizations the ability to quickly manage the impact of an attack. EDR focuses on threat identification and signs that a system has been compromised. It assumes you’ve suffered a breach and offers a solution through an incident response capability to the EPP solution. While EDR had its day in the sun as organizations pivoted to protect their endpoints, a growing proliferation of new threats, techniques, and campaigns required more than just protection. Today’s current landscape requires detection, protection, response and remediation.

XDR Evolution

XDR represents the next evolution in cybersecurity, offering more robust capabilities than traditional EDR solutions. By integrating data from multiple sources, including endpoints, network devices, and cloud applications-- XDR provides a holistic picture of an organization’s threat landscape. It uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced research to identify and respond to threats in real-time, linking events together and reducing dwell time. But all XDR solutions are not created equal.

The Trellix XDR Difference

Since our founding in January 2022 Trellix has led the XDR market by delivering a simplified and insightful security operations experience to help organizations rapidly stop attacks. Trellix XDR delivers a superior SecOps environment with better outcomes for customers. Key differentiators include:

  • Native security tools –Trellix native security tools collect and integrate security telemetry or event data into the XDR platform delivering a simplified and insightful SecOps experience that quickly recognizes and stops attacks while providing endpoint security, network security, data protection, cloud security, and email security.
  • Open integration – Trellix offers the most comprehensive solution with a hybrid XDR integration approach – both native and open –with third-party cloud integrations from more than 1,000 data sources available in the Trellix Marketplace.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – The DLP tools in Trellix’s XDR platform inspect content and contextually analyze data in any state, automatically executing responses based on rules and policies set to limit the risks of inadvertent or malicious exposure or leak of data outside its authorized motions channels.
  • SecOps – Trellix XDR provides the latest security solution to protect endpoints and networks while quieting the noise and calming the chaos for already strapped SecOps teams.
  • Threat Intelligence – Powered by our Advanced Research Center, Trellix delivers highly actionable threat Intelligence to assist customers with prioritizing their security efforts.

Trellix Industry Recognition

When it comes to being an XDR leader, we don’t hide behind a secret identity. Trellix has received industry recognition from numerous independent sources:

  • In the past 18 months, Trellix XDR has been recognized by numerous reports published by industry analyst firms including Gartner, Forrester, and IDC.
  • Trellix is recognized by the analytical firms and peer review programs in all the main XDR front-end components including EDR, NDR, SEG, CWWP, and DLP.
  • President Joe Biden named Trellix’s CEO, Bryan Palma to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee. Palma also attended the World Economic Forum conference in Davos to promote cybersecurity in the expansion of digital technology.

As the cybersecurity industry evolves, organizations are adapting and implementing XDR to protect endpoints and networks from the proliferation of new threats and techniques. While there is a lot of noise in the market, Trellix is the only XDR vendor capable of being fast enough to keep up with today’s dynamic threats, intelligent enough to learn from them, and constantly evolving to help customers keep the upper hand.

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