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High-profile global company empowers cybersecurity team with Trellix

Reinforcing defenses to protect a world-famous luxury retail brand

Retail Industry

This high-profile luxury goods retailer operates hundreds of stores around the world and enjoys annual revenues totaling several billion US dollars.

Solutions and services
  • Protection against advanced malware and advanced persistent threats
  • 24/7 managed detection and response services from trained cybersecurity professionals
  • Support that excels in technical expertise and customer service
  • Deep visibility and immediate access into endpoints

Retailer gains deep visibility and immediate access into endpoints

From the high-end storefronts of Europe to the showrooms of designer boutiques in Asia and beyond, this global brand has amassed an affluent, fashion-forward clientele who treasure the retailer’s goods as modern emblems of luxury and style. Having served the extravagant tastes of consumers for more than 100 years, the company collects and safeguards an enormous amount of precious data, making the retailer a prized target for any hacker.

A security manager from the company stressed the importance of protecting this data, “As a global name with a high-profile customer base, we place tremendous value and effort into securing our customers’ personally identifiable information, as well as our own intellectual property and brand name.”

Between costs, scalability, and innovation, the retailer saw opportunity to enhance its security posture. The luxury brand, however, was faced with the all too familiar challenge of having to defend against the evolving, increasingly effective methodologies of hackers using its existing cybersecurity team head count.

“Despite the universal appeal of our brand, it’s still difficult to find talented, qualified individuals to fill the positions we need to adequately protect our environment,” admitted the security manager. “It quickly became evident that using services and solutions from a world-class cybersecurity provider to empower our team with enhanced capabilities was a very attractive proposition.”

"Trellix is a trusted, strategic partner that has been great to work with from a technical, sales, and a solutions perspective. I would absolutely recommend Trellix to any of my peers, 100%."

Security Manager, high-profile luxury goods retailer

Diversifying security portfolios against both commodity- and advanced-level malware

Whenever a new solution is under consideration, the retailer’s cybersecurity team completes a structured evaluation before adopting the proposed technology. “To find best-of-breed security components, we define success metrics for a proof of concept [POC] with top-contending vendors to make an ‘apples to apples’ comparison of the solutions before forming a final decision on a vendor,” explained the security manager.

When the retailer started the POC process for new security solutions, it immediately added Trellix to the list of providers to evaluate. “Trellix was already a known quantity for us. Multiple members of our cybersecurity team, including myself, had hands-on familiarity and knew the company’s reputation for continually delivering industry-leading solutions,” acknowledged the security manager. “Plus, the solutions from Trellix provide a sense of comfort in their ability to protect against zero-day malware and advanced persistent threats.”

Luxury Retailer

He continued, “We decided to onboard a Trellix partner MSSP [managed security service provider] first as it immediately addressed our need for supplemental expertise.”

The security manager attested that, “The strong reputation Trellix has for providing both high-quality technical expertise and excellent customer service is true. We had such a positive experience working with sales, service, and the technical members from Trellix. We felt very comfortable expanding our security portfolio to include Trellix Endpoint Security and the Helix Connect security operations platform.”

Designed for efficient incident response

By deploying the expanded suite of Trellix solutions, the retailer increased the effectiveness of its existing cybersecurity team and enhanced the overall performance of its security posture.

“One thing I really appreciate about Helix Connect is that the solution is specifically designed from the perspective of an incident responder,” enthused the security manager. “Other security information event management [SIEM] tools tend to be very generic and aren’t tailored to the unique needs of the people that will be using them most.”

“Helix Connect is extremely valuable to me for investigating and managing incidents. The platform provides easy, immediate access and deep visibility into every endpoint across the enterprise,” observed the security manager. “From the Helix Connect dashboard, I can seamlessly communicate with Trellix Endpoint Security to pull forensic data or extract a complete activity timeline from any machine we’re investigating. Using that information, we can then rapidly contain devices that may have a potential malware issue. Having the ability to use a unifying portal to manage and protect our environment is very efficient and extremely convenient compared to the time-consuming, manual processes of the traditional tools that we had been using.”

Beyond consolidating incident response and simplifying infrastructure management, Helix Connect has significantly reduced false positives, enabling the retailer’s cybersecurity team to more efficiently focus on the actionable intelligence gathered by the platform. “We have a lot of confidence and trust in Trellix intelligence. An alert from Trellix is not something we take lightly; as soon as a notification arrives, the message is escalated quickly and resolved as fast as possible,” shared the manager.

"Having immediate access to a pool of resources such as malware analysts, intel analysts, and incident responders with the unmatched frontline experience of the Trellix team makes it an indispensable asset."

Security Manager, high-profile luxury goods retailer

Leading the way

Luxury Retailer

Reflecting on the company’s five-year relationship with Trellix, the manager concluded, “Trellix is a trusted, strategic partner that has been great to work with from a technical, sales, and a solutions perspective. I would absolutely recommend Trellix to any of my peers, 100%.”

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