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Our CEO on Living Security

Trellix CEO, Bryan Palma, explains the critical need for security that’s always learning.

Gartner Marketplace Guide (XDR)
Gartner® Report: Market Guide for XDR

As per Gartner, "XDR is an emerging technology that can offer improved threat prevention, detection and response."

Trellix Launches Advanced Threat Research Center
Trellix Launches Advanced Research Center

Trellix announced the establishment of the Trellix Advanced Research Center to advance global threat intelligence.

The Threat Report - Fall 2022
Latest Report

Trellix Advanced Research Center analyzes Q3 2022 threat data on ransomware, nation-states, sectors, vectors, LotL, MITRE ATT&CK techniques, and emails.

Supplier Portal

Trellix Supplier Code of Conduct

Trellix expects all of its suppliers to comply with Trellix’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

Trellix Supplier Security Requirements

All Trellix suppliers are expected to meet Trellix’s Security Requirements and Expectations. Additionally, all Trellix suppliers who provide or develop software for Trellix are expected to use industry recognized software security best practices that exceed or are substantially similar to Trellix’s Product Security Practices, including running software security testing prior to delivering any software release to Trellix.

Trellix Anti-Piracy Policy

Software piracy is a significant problem costing the software industry billions of dollars annually.  Trellix is committed to educating our authorized users and, when necessary, bringing those violating our licenses into compliance.  Please review our Anti-Piracy Policy.

Trellix Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

In the absence of any separately executed agreement between Trellix and a supplier, Trellix’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions shall govern Trellix’s purchase of goods and services.

Trellix Products & Services in Support of a U.S. Government Contract

For purchase orders placed by Trellix with Supplier in support of a U.S. Government contract or subcontract, the terms and conditions in the Trellix “Product & Services in Support of a U.S. Government Contract” shall also apply.

Supplier Diversity Program

Trellix’s Supplier Diversity Program encourages the use of minority, women, and disabled veteran-owned businesses (MWDVBEs) while maintaining best-in-class supply chain practices for obtaining goods and services.

Trellix Supplier Data Processing and Security Agreement

Suppliers that process personal data must comply with the terms and conditions of Trellix Supplier Data Processing and Security Agreement.

Trellix Supplier Security Addendum

Suppliers must comply with the Supplier Security Addendum, which describes minimum technical, organizational and other measures required to protect personal data and other Trellix information and materials, and is attached to the Supplier Data Processing and Security Agreement.

Trellix Transfer Mechanisms

Suppliers that transfer personal data must comply with the relevant Transfer Mechanisms, which authorize the lawful international transfer of data, and are attached to the Supplier Data Processing and Security Agreement.