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Trellix and Gotara Announce Partnership to Close Cybersecurity Talent Gap

Company Invests in Women to Become the Premier Cybersecurity Workplace

Trellix, the cybersecurity company delivering the future of extended detection and response (XDR), today announced a partnership with Gotara, a global career growth platform for women in STEM+. Gotara's services complement Trellix’s talent strategy by creating development experiences including hands-on and personalized opportunities guided by STAR Program advisors.

According to the Aspen Digital Tech Policy hub’s latest report, women make up 51 percent of the population, but only comprise 24 percent of the cybersecurity workforce. Through the partnership, women at Trellix have access to Gotara’s machine learning-driven career development platform to grow skills, accelerate careers, and foster the next-generation of leaders in cybersecurity.

“We are delivering living security to our customers through technology that learns and adapts in real-time. Our employees’ careers are no different and will directly benefit from the collaboration with Gotara,” said Michael Alicea, Chief Human Resource Officer of Trellix. “Employees deserve more from their workplace, especially during the Great Resignation. We are investing in our people to build the premier home for diverse, cybersecurity talent.”

STEM+ includes work in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, economics, finance, market research, data science and data-based fields. According to a 2021 report on the 2019 US Census, women in STEM+ roles are significantly underrepresented and making slow progress. Women gained from 8 percent of STEM workers in 1970, to 27 percent in 2019. According to research by Gotara, approximately 40 percent of women leave their STEM+ careers after 5-7 years, resulting in minimal pipeline for senior-level positions. Mid- to senior-level positions held by women account for single digit percentages.

“As we celebrate International Woman’s Day, Trellix’s commitment to tackling unconscious bias by helping women navigate and grow their careers in STEM is raising the bar for a more diverse cybersecurity industry,” said D Sangeeta, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gotara. “Trellix is creating a workplace where women in cybersecurity gain access to confidential, personalized, and just-in-time career related nano-learning from STEM+ leaders to thrive in their career”.

Trellix CEO, Bryan Palma, will keynote the rescheduled June RSA conference to examine cybersecurity’s purposeful work, an antidote to the Great Resignation.

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About Trellix
Trellix is a global company redefining the future of cybersecurity. The company’s open and native extended detection and response (XDR) platform helps organizations confronted by today’s most advanced threats gain confidence in the protection and resilience of their operations. Trellix’s security experts, along with an extensive partner ecosystem, accelerate technology innovation through machine learning and automation to empower over 40,000 business and government customers. More at

About Gotara
Gotara is a global AI/ML career growth platform for women in STEM +. Companies that care about recruiting, retaining, and growing a diverse workforce with more women in STEM+ use Gotara’s STAR Programs to offer nano-learning opportunities that cover mentoring, coaching, and upskilling in an innovative way to accelerate a woman’s career in STEM+. Founded by D. SANGEETA, a 26-year career STEM woman with 26 patents, Gotara believes that a diverse workforce in STEM+ has the power to create more innovative, sustainable, and prosperous outcomes for individuals and their organizations. More at

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Source: Trellix

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