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Our CEO on Living Security

Trellix CEO, Bryan Palma, explains the critical need for security that’s always learning.

Gartner Marketplace Guide (XDR)
Gartner® Report: Market Guide for XDR

As per Gartner, "XDR is an emerging technology that can offer improved threat prevention, detection and response."

Trellix Launches Advanced Threat Research Center
Trellix Launches Advanced Research Center

Trellix announced the establishment of the Trellix Advanced Research Center to advance global threat intelligence.

The Threat Report - February 2023
Latest Report

Trellix Advanced Research Center analyzes Q4 2022 threat data on ransomware, nation-states, sectors, vectors, LotL, MITRE ATT&CK techniques, and emails.

Trellix ePolicy Orchestrator

Centralized security management platform to orchestrate and manage all your endpoints.

Simplified management

Unify defense strategy, bring together different endpoints with native controls and reduce security operations dependency on multiple tools.

Extensible platform

Comprehensive platform, helps security operations teams to plan and scale their operations model all while benefiting from true API integrations.

Un-rivaled threat-intel

Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) and Advanced Threat Defense (ATP) integrations helps in effective sandboxing and thus identifying and stopping cyber attacks beforehand.

Why Trellix ePO?

Trellix ePO infographic

Trellix is rewriting the security story

At the forefront of the XDR revolution, we’ve pioneered a brand new unified experience.

  • We Empower You
    Instantly analyze data, predict & prevent attacks with solutions that learns & adapts.
  • We Enable You
    Create open partnerships to automate security policy orchestration.
  • We Support You
    Embedded tools & expert insights to reduce complexities and in efficiencies.


Essential Risk Management

A summary dashboard of your security posture helps you drill down and prioritize, while offering a consolidated view on current threat information, security news, and advisories.

Embrace native controls

Reduce complexity with common policy management of endpoint security while using native Windows system capabilities.

Streamline work flows

Automated security, compliance work flows, personalized work space help quickly identify, manage and respond to vulnerabilities.

Unify defense surface

One place to bring together, view, enforce and protect your endpoint security, data loss prevention, threat intel and defense and lot more.

Third-party integrations

Our open and comprehensive platform integrates with more than 150 third-party solutions and more than 50 apps for faster and accurate responses.

Straight forward migration

Existing Trellix ePO – On-prem customers can use Trellix ePO – SaaS to access, assess and then start the 4-step migration journey, from a browser, at their ease.

Trellix Platform Ecosystem Graph

Get to know the Trellix Ecosystem

The Trellix Platform learns and adapts for living protection while delivering native and open connections and providing expert and embedded support for your team.

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